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Daallo Airlines: 26 Years of Growth, Safety, Efficiency and Impressive Corporate Responsibility

17 Jul, 2018

A household name that was featured as one of Africa’s success business stories, DAALLO Airlines was established in 1991 to fill the gap left behind by the collapse of Somali Airlines and demise of Air Djibouti in 1991.

Hiring a single wet-leased Cessna Caravan operating from Djibouti to Hargeisa, the new Airline had become more of a life saver by doing humanitarian work for Somali people who all of sudden found themselves isolated  with no air or sea transportation.

DAALLO Airlines, however, quickly expanded its operations to destinations in eastern Africa, the Gulf region  as well as Europe, while sustaining an impressive track record in corporate responsibility.  

Over the last 26 years, the airline was driven by its brand and deep understanding of the market and customer demographics as well as operational efficiency and a stellar safety record.



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