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Hormuud: Lifting People Out of Poverty

17 Jul, 2018

A privately held company founded in 2002 with over 5000 Somali shareholders all over the world, Hormuud Telecom emerged as the leading Mobile Network Operator in the south and south central Somalia with about one million mobile connections.

Launched during the Somali civil war when connecting divided communities was vital for the people’s survival, Hormuud is credited for bringing mobile services to ordinary Somalis with low tariffs, and allowing more middle and lower income people to access mobile services. The company provides an array of innovative telecommunications products and services ranging from voice, SMS, and value added services to mobile data.

Over the years, Hormuud grew from a small company offering basic telephone services into one of Somalia’s largest communications companies, with extensive network infrastructure and services.  With over 6000 employees, Hormuud remains one of the largest employers in the country and the largest domestic investor.


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