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Royal Food Ind: A Fast Growing Food Manufacturer With Global Vision

17 Jul, 2018

Founded in 2003 as a trading enterprise of Transco Group of companies, Royal Food Industries has transformed itself into the group’s manufacturing arm in 2011 with US$100 million investment under the registration of Rak Investment Authority.

Today, from its base in Arabia, Royal Food Industries expanded its market to 27 countries, mainly in Europe and Africa, with 70% of its export going to East and Central Africa, 10% to North Africa, 15% to GCC and 5% to the European market.

Counting on its R&D as its competitive edge, Royal Food Industries strives to innovate new products that meet its customer needs and capture their passion through uncompromised quality, good packaging, and competitive.

Pursuing its strategy and confidence in the market, Royal Food Industries is planning to have its first building premises, while adding six different new products in the near future.



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