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The Africa Leads Business Report (ALBR) will provide a database of articles, interviews and profiles of decision makers, business executives, diplomats and other leading players that shape the future prosperity of African-Arab businesses.


Every year ALBR will present top companies that stand out in their sustainable business success and leadership in building bridges between Africa and Arabia, establishing strong business relations, and creating new opportunities of investment and mutual economic growth.


Each edition will carry a range of interviews and in-depth analysis that give inside look at the dynamics of doing business in the world’s most lucrative regions. We select our interviewees for being thought leaders in their own sectors. The top businesses in the report will include aviation, shipping and cargo, energy, money transfer, manufacturing, hospitality, technology, and general trading.


Published by Peak Consulting Services with its staff, who have long and extensive expertise in communicating corporate business stories, the ALBR will elevate your company’s profile through rich content, powerful branding, and professional corporate reporting.


We believe that every business has a success story to share with its customers, partners and the


ALBR will therefore not only tell your story and share your business success with your local and global customers, but it will also give you a prestigious platform to extend your business outreach and connect with potential investors and partners.